Strategic Alliance Between a Restaurant and a School in Mississauga

When we drop off our children to school every day, we have some expectations. We expect our children to be looked after; we expect them to be protected and kept safe. We expect that they receive a decent education and that their minds are enriched on a daily basis. Additionally, we expect the school meals they are served are nutritious and full of variety.

Luckily, Mississauga focuses on all of those things, and most recently the latter. The food part of a school is a secondary function; it’s a must, but it isn’t the most important of factors to consider. To be truthful, the same can be said for hotels, and that’s why many hoteliers are bringing in restaurants to integrate their lodging facilities with food and beverage services that match.

So, it makes total sense that Mississauga has taken a leaf from their book and gotten into business with a local restaurant to improve a local school’s meals. This serves to provide students with more variety and more nutritious meal options that will provide them with the energy to perform well in school.

There are operational advantages, too, because when using professionals to provide a service there are financial benefits, as well as health benefits. It also allows the school to focus on what they are good at, while the restauranteurs can focus on their specialty, which is producing high-quality, nutritious food.

The restaurant will handle all of the administrative details, meaning that they take complete control of the program so that the school doesn’t have to. This local Mississauga restaurant has agreed to an exclusive deal with the local school, and their tutor service be their exclusive lunch provider to ensure that your children have nutritious options and a wide variety to choose from. The restaurant has promised to integrate the program into the schools established routines and make the process as simple as possible for the school, students, and parents.

The partnership has been designed to make health easy, thus enforcing what our kids are learning in class about healthy food choices. There won’t be deep fried foods, candy, or fizzy beverages on the menu. The menus are created to reinforce the messages that are sent in class. They will be designed so that kids can choose things they truly like and parents won’t have to say no. 

The meals will be prepared fresh in a commercial kitchen with your children in mind. Providing children with nutritious food at lunch keeps them focused throughout the rest of their school day. Offering junk food at lunch only serves to create fidgety kids that struggle to sit still for the rest of their school day.

This alliance is sure to prove popular for everyone involved.