How to be a Better Presenter for Home Improvement Business Owners

Home improvement business owners are people who do some contract jobs in home renovation. They are more like manual laborers who have tried to understand most things about home remodeling. They are like jack of all trades specializing in window repair, basement remodeling, apartment preparation, repair of home appliances, remodeling attic rooms, repair, and installation of air conditions, swimming pool services and much more. Because of the variation of skill set, they often have the need to employ some others who have expertise on the various services they render. Many a time, they go for conferences and arrange sensitization programs to get more projects and long lasting clients. When they do this, they have to enumerate certain points to convince their potential customers that they are suitable for the job. Below are some points that can favor you in your bid.

Talk about your Mobility

Home improvement owners have to be mobile. They should have buses with which they can move the properties of their clients in and out of their homes. The home improver also needs a vehicle to respond quickly to calls when homeowners to need to see them around. Moreover, a home improver who has a means of transporting himself can do work faster and beat deadlines, even before it draws near. To improve mobility, he could have branches in different states and towns, depending on the extent of service he desires to cover.

Talk about your Experience and Knowledge

Home improvers need to be aware that clients prefer working with people who have been in the business for quite some time. As a result, they need not wait for big projects before kicking off their career. There are little jobs that count and clients will be willing to give them to beginners. Small jobs like changing the wall sockets and repairing faulty electric irons are part of home improvement, and if you successfully carry out these little jobs without problems, your rating starts to count positively such that you may begin to gain recommendation for bigger projects. You have to assure your audience that you began with the nitty-gritty and that you have a better understanding of more complex projects.
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Talk about Your Adherence to Details

Make your clients confident that you can pay close attention to details. You can do this by appearing each time with a biro and a note to jot any important point from the homeowner.  Take note of delicate places in the home and items that are on the verge of damaging. If you can discharge your duties following the guidelines from the home owner, you are sure to gain recommendation and approval for more projects. 

Talk about Your Warranty

Everybody needs assurance that the service they obtain is worth the value they pay for it. In other words, people want to be sure that they won’t have to pay for the same service again within a short while after a contract. To gain their trust on this, it is necessary to tell them you will be giving some warranty on your service. Assuring your clients about the quality of your service with at least a one-year warranty and making it legally binding will leave them with no other option than to choose you for their home remodeling.

Talk about Discounts

As a home improvement service provider, you need to be aware of what other home improvers charge for specific services so that you can bargain favorably with your clients. Taking your prices a bit lower than what others charge is a strategy to win a contract. Need   eavestrough cleaning prices for your home? Contact our great partner today.

Register your Company

Most clients want to work with people who have a registered name so that their contracts can be based on legal terms. Even if you offer the best services but you are yet to be known by the government, it will be hard for most peoples to rely on you. Apart from gaining more customers, business registration also makes you independent as legal matters concerning your service is only addressed to the company as an entity.

Talk about Start and Completion Dates

While setting your proposal, it is important to let your clients know your approximate start and completion dates for a particular project. Make sure you are giving realistic timeframes as your client may want to give a bad review about your service if you are not able to meet up on the schedule. If you are sure, you can handle the job, provide them with the strategies which you intend to use in meeting your target within the stipulated time.

Liability Insurance

Having your company registered with an insurance company will make more clients turn to you for home improvement jobs. Homeowners need to know your insurance status because they want to be sure that you can replace any item you damage while working. Having an insurance cover doesn’t charge much nowadays, and you may even go as low as the third party type which will only provide for the homeowner.

Issue the right to cancel

To win more contracts in home improvement, it is necessary to make the owner feel like the boss. You can give an opportunity to cancel an order within some days after signing a contract. A three-day right for the homeowner to abort a contract may not be in your favor, but it is necessary to give the owner more time to reconsider his stance. Letting your client know about the three-day right is a strategy to win their favor for future projects.


Home improvement business is a profitable venture with the potential of rewarding most people with thousands of dollars per month. The market is huge as there are several old homes in the US and the world as a whole that need remodeling. It is a cheaper option to building new homes, and if you do your bidding well, you may become the favorite of most home owners in a particular location.